Why Do We Need Vitamins & Minerals

Hello everyone, to days topic is all about why do we need vitamins & minerals? Are they essential for our minds and bodies to function properly? What benefits do we get from Vitamins and Minerals? Are you aware there are 13 different vitamins the body needs to function properly? Does the body produce them Naturally?

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What Does Each Vitamin Do For The Body

The Importance Of Minerals

My Final Thoughts

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We need vitamins to help our bodies to function properly. They help to fight off diseases. Unfortunately, our bodies do not produce them naturally. We need to get them from either food or supplements.

The 13 vitamins needed are as follows :

Vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6 vitamin B7, vitamin B9, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D vitamin E, and vitamin K .

They help with the metabolism.


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What Does Each Vitamin Do For The Body

Vitamin A

Gives your skin a healthy glow, helps you to see, helps your bones to grow, helps the immune system to function better, and promotes cell growth.

Vitamin B (Thiamine)

is a vitamin found in lots of foods like cereals, it’s water-soluble. We get a lot of our energy from this vitamin. It also helps our muscles to contract.

Vitamin B 2 (Riboflavin)

All the B vitamins help turn our food into energy. This one also helps new cells to form.

Vitamin B 3 (Niacin)

This one is water-soluble and helps with our metabolism by converting food into energy, Also, helps with the nervous system.

Vitamin B 5

This is another water-soluble vitamin that has a few roles in the body, cell formation, makes various hormones, helps the nervous system to function properly, turns food into energy, and Synthesizing co-enzyme. Vitamin A.

Vitamin B 6

Water-soluble vitamin, helps metabolism, brain development, cell formation, hormone production as well as playing a role in the immune and nervous systems.


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Vitamin B 9 (Folate)

This vitamin is usually given to women when they are pregnant. It helps to prevent neural tube defects. It also helps you to have a healthy pregnancy. Other reasons for it are DNA production, cell formation, and division. As well as helping with protein metabolism.

Vitamin B 12

Is one of the most important vitamins that the body needs. Vital for brain function, Keeps blood cells healthy and it helps to produce DNA. Also, helps the nervous system.

Was called Vitamin H, now called Biotin, which is another water-soluble B vitamin, helps with cell signaling, energy metabolism, gene regulation, helps the nervous system to function optimum ally.

Vitamin C (Asorbic acid)

Has antioxidant properties. Helps immune function, protein metabolism, collagen production, and free radical scavenging. If, you smoke you should consume more Vitamin c.

Vitamin D

This one is Fat-soluble and it is one of the most important vitamins for our overall health.

It is not actually a “vitamin” in the true sense of the word.

It is more of a hormone, and we can get it from food or the sun shining on our skin.

Vitamin D 3 (cholecalciferol)

Reduces inflammation, immune function, cell growth, helps with calcium absorption, bone growth, and repair.

Vitamin E

Is an antioxidant that widens blood vessels, prevents blood clots, and helps immune function.

There is a recommended daily amount to have of all of these vitamins, It is slightly higher for men than women. The one vitamin that has the greatest effect if you are deficient in it is, Vitamin C, Scurvy is something sailors suffered from after long periods at sea. Only being fed bread and water had a profound effect.

Symptoms of scurvy include decreased red blood cells, gum disease, feelings of fatigue, and bleeding from sores on the skin. It is not a pretty sight.

Being deficient in any of the vitamins can cause all sorts of other health problems, that’s why it is important to eat the right foods, Vegetables, Fruit, Herbs, and Spices, or take supplements to keep yourself healthy.


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The Importance Of Minerals

Minerals are the nutrients that exist in the body and are as essential as our need for oxygen to sustain life. Minerals can be found in organic and inorganic combinations in food. Only 5% of the human body weight is made of mineral matter, necessary for all of our mental & physical processes as well as our total well-being. They are the most important factors in maintaining all physiological processes, are a part of the teeth, bones, tissues, blood, muscle, and nerve cells.

They are also necessary for the transmission of messages through the nervous system, digestion, & metabolism or utilization of all nutrients in foods. Vitamins cannot be properly assimilated without the correct balance of minerals. For example; calcium is needed for vitamin “C” utilization, zinc for vitamin “A”, magnesium for “B” complex vitamins, selenium for vitamin “E” absorption, etc. So as you can see they need each other to work effectively.

Minerals are extremely important in keeping the blood and tissue fluids from either becoming too acidic or too alkaline, and they also allow other nutrients to pass into the bloodstream and help in transporting nutrients to the cells. They also draw chemicals in & out of the cells. A slight change in the blood concentration of important minerals can rapidly endanger life.

Minerals are often discussed separately, but it is important to remember that their actions within the body are interrelated; no single mineral can function without the others. If you are deficient in any of the minerals you can feel very run down and it occurs very rapidly.

You should eat a diet high in leafy green vegetables, fruits, and whole grains in order to keep your mineral content up. If these are not your favourite foods, there are many supplements around that can replace the lost Minerals.

My Final Thoughts

The biggest takeaway from this article should be that our bodies really need these vitamins and mineral combinations. This is because the body cannot produce them of its own accord.

Either eat the correct types of food to give them to your body or take supplements to give the body what it really needs.

I wish to thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this article. If, you have a question or a comment then please feel free to leave them below. I love to hear from you all and I will get back to you.

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Take great care of yourself because you are worth it.


Please speak to a doctor before taking supplements of any kind. Everyone is different and what works well for one may not necessarily work for another.

This post is not intended to diagnose or treat you in any way. It’s for information purposes only. I’m not a medical doctor.



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