Signs And Symptoms Of Depression

For today’s topic of conversation we are going to be talking about the signs and symptoms of Depression.

Many millions of people get it every Year, it is nothing to be afraid of talking about.It doesn’t mean you are mental it just means you have a health issue.

It’s something I have had throughout my life, so I know a little about it.

What is Depression

It is a disorder that affects your mood as well as your mind, it also affects your body, Your self-esteem can literally disappear It can make you not care about anything very much.

It affects your sleep either you cannot sleep or the opposite where that’s all you seem to do. Your appetite can either disappear or you become very hungry all the time, your motivation usually disappears altogether you can become very lethargic and you don’t feel like doing anything for days or weeks on end.

There are things everybody enjoys doing and one of the worst things

About being depressed is you don’t enjoy doing any of can last for a short period of a few months or can go on

Long term. It can also be very mild or extremely severe.

It can be so bad as to make you feel suicidal.

To be honest it changes a lot of things and not in a good way.

If you have a few of these symptoms and they last longer than two weeks then these are signs of being in a Depressed state.


Do you know there Is More Than One Type

There are many types of Depression.

  1. Clinically Depression
  2. Prenatal Depression
  3. Postnatal Depression
  4. Manic Depression
  5. Major Depression
  6. Bipolar Depression
  7. Treatment Resistant Depression.

Doing these things can help you

One of the very best things you can do is talk to someone, it doesn’t have to be about

What you are going through. If you can’t talk to your significant other or if you

Don’t have one then Contact your friends go out and spend some

Quality time with them, go shopping or have a nice lunch.

Speak to members of your family it will make them and you feel happy.

Do some kind of physical exercise every day even if it’s just a 15-minute walk.

Maybe a change in diet if you don’t eat healthy food. Junk food and to much

Sugar can make it worse.

Take natural remedies some people prefer them to prescription medications.


Do yoga.

Practice the law of Attraction to see yourself in a better way.

You helping other people with their problems can take your mind

Away from yours for a while and it always feels good to help.

If none of this helps then you should go to see the Doctor, just go to your normal one to start with

and if necessary you can be referred to a specialist.

there are many Types of treatment available to you.

What can happen if you do nothing

If you just do nothing the condition can worsen and most likely will, the only way it will

Get better on its own is if you change your lifestyle for the better. This includes how you

See yourself.

The feelings of hopelessness, unworthiness and self-hatred need to be addressed

You need to first acknowledge them and then try to do something about them, before

They become very serious and you start contemplating suicide, this can become

A reality very fast if you do not seek some kind of help.


There are many types of Depression, it can easily be treated if you recognize the symptoms and seek help.

There are Many millions of sufferers throughout the world, there are many treatments available to you, depending on the Severity of your particular condition the doctor will make a recommendation, it can be trial and error at first with antidepressants. Quite simple diet changes and regular exercise will definitely Help, you don’t necessarily need any prescription medication, sometimes natural remedies and lifestyle changes can work it is something that can Come back time and time again or you may only get it once in your life.more women than men suffer with it.


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Please speak to a doctor before taking supplements of any kind. Every one is different and what works well for one may not necessarily work for another.



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