Postpartum Depression Symptoms

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Today we are going to talk about Postpartum Depression or if you are English it is called Postnatal Depression.

This is a type of Depression that occurs when you have just given birth, on average it occurs in 10% of Mother’s.

It does not always happen with your first child, it can happen after any birth.

Just because you suffer once does not mean it will occur again.

You think it is normal

You feel very tired after having a baby, that is normal, you have spoken to lots of new Mums and that is something they all say. It’s a normal thing to happen.

Your baby has not got into a routine yet, He or She still wakes up every 4 hours for a feed, you are doing the best you can by breastfeeding, so it is all on you. It’s early days yet it will settle down in a few weeks. It’s nothing to worry about I can sleep in the day when the baby does.

Unfortunately tired is not the only thing you feel. You feel hopeless but it’s your first child so there is a lot to learn.

You speak to other new mums and they say that hopelessness was not something they suffered from even with the first child.

Now what do I do, carry on and see if anything changes or speak to my Doctor?

New Baby

Two Months In

Two months later, you still feel an overwhelming sense of helplessness, you burst into tears at the slightest thing. Nothing seems to be right for you, which is now causing arguments.

You know now this is not how it should be. Your baby now sleeps through the night and is thriving.

For you nothing has changed, you still have the same thoughts and feelings. The problem must be with me.

Now is the time to address it and ask for help by speaking to a professional.

Discussion with the Doctor

How long have you been feeling as you do?

Since my baby was born.

Describe the different things you think and feel ?

You no longer enjoy watching your favorite program on TV, your husband/ partner no longer interests you, cuddles, intimacy and sex are the last thing on your mind.

Making Decisions is a massive effort for you all the time. It never used to be like this.

You don’t want to get up, change your baby’s nappy / diaper, take a shower, go out for a walk, get dressed, in fact nothing interests you at All.

You feel like You are no good at being a mother, it was all a huge mistake.


The Doctor explains you are suffering from postpartum Depression or in other countries Postnatal Depression. The feelings you are experiencing effect 1 in 10 women and are quite normal and very treatable.

Before we get on to a treatment, we will discuss how you feel in more detail.

Have you had an event that has been very stressful either before the birth or just after?


Have you thought about harming yourself or your child?


Do you love your child?


You answer No to the first two questions and yes to the third, the Doctor is convinced you don’t just have the baby blues, that you are Depressed and it is nothing more serious than that.

You have postpartum Depression/ postnatal Depression.

There are various treatments open to you.



take a bath

Things you Can do

Change your routine if possible, enlist the help of your husband/partner. Discuss how you feel and what they can do to help you. Expressing some of the milk will mean he can feed the baby while you sleep or take a bath.

Ask the Grandparents to be involved to give you some you time for yourself while they have quality time with their grandchild.

Eat healthier as diet is very important, try to have more sleep, try to fit in some exercise, take some multivitamins to give yourself some more energy.

Spend quality time with your partner and your friends, maybe going out for a meal. Or something else you all enjoy.

It will feel quite impossible at the beginning, but if you set out some goals then you will get much further and keep on track.

If, you discuss the issue with your partner, family and friends, they will be willing to help you because they will know what you’re going through. Talking is a great thing to do.

If after a month you do not feel any better, go back to the Doctors and discuss what other treatment is available for you.


When you first have a child everything is all new. You don’t know what is normal and what is not.
If what you feel lasts for 2/3 weeks with no changes then seek advice.
Speak to friends and family who also have children they can give you some advice.
If none of them felt the way you do, seek professional help, the first step is a visit to your Doctors.
Take the advice you are given and if no improvement make sure you go back so things do not escalate.
Just because this happened with your first child does not mean it will happen again.
Once you feel better your bond will get stronger with your child and enjoyment and love will prevail.

Thank you for reading my Article I appreciate it greatly. If it has helped you then please leave me a comment or a question which I will be happy to reply to.

If , you know someone that reading this can help then please feel free to share it.


I wish you to stay safe and well.

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