Is Anxiety in a Relationship Normal

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Today we are going to discuss whether Anxiety in a Relationship is normal,  I think it is, what about you? Have you ever felt insecure in a new relationship or one you have been in for years. Does your Anxiety play a huge part in this or is it just the norm.

Anxiety matters to the sufferer, is it possible to not let it affect everything else?

Do I Matter

Do I matter? Is this a question you ask yourself ? Is it because you personally don’t feel very secure or is it because the person you are with does not make you feel the way you think you should feel.

Issue 1 is something you need to address within yourself, the love of your life makes it plain everyday that you matter so this person is a keeper if you feel the same way.

The issue lies with you, you need to ask yourself some serious questions on how you are going to deal with the anxiety because it is an issue that needs addressing if it’s not going to destroy everything.

Don’t avoid bringing up issues that you feel matter greatly. If your partner loves you they will be willing to work things out to be mutually beneficial, remember this also works both ways.

Working things out between the two of you is what is going to keep you together in the long term, anything you work at is beneficial.

It is very important to understand the way you both feel.

Don’t Destroy the Relationship

You need to communicate in order to keep your relationship alive. Whatever is bothering you, you certainly need to discuss it with your partner. Don’t think for one minute it will destroy everything because it won’t, do not let anxiety get in the way.

Your partner loves you and they show this to you more often than not. What he or she wants is to be taken into your confidence, which shows a great deal of respect and trust. You can both work it out if you take this into consideration.

The main component to make this work is talking to each other, you will be so happy that you did this part.

Please make sure you do not skip this important step.





Do Not miss Out On The Goodtimes

how many good times do you get every year?  You have had at least a hundred good times this year so far. Surely that is time for a celebration ????. The partner you are with does everything in their power to ensure you are happy and you are thought of in the best way possible what more could you ask for?

Do not let your anxiety get in the way, believe in yourself like your partner believes in you. Now it is time to help your partner out by showing how grateful you are for all of the things they have done for you.

What things do they enjoy that you can do to show how amazing they are and how much you appreciate them?

Think about this very carefully and respond in an appropriate manner, you will be greatly appreciated by the response.

It is not all take you have to give as well.

Make the good time you create a very memorable experience.

You don’t necessarily know if your partner feels insecure and this will be a great time to obliterate it once and for all by your thoughtfulness.

Acting on the way you feel

Do not act straight away on the way you feel, there are many reasons for this. If you are very angry you will say something hurtful and when you calm down you will not of ment it. You always try to wound when angry by saying something extremely hurtful. I always remove myself from this situation so I don’t have anything to apologize for, this is a lot easier than scoring points by arguing.

It’s a lesson that was learned a few years ago and it serves me well today.

If you feel good then let it show in a demonstrative way. Hugging is a very beneficial thing to do for both of you.

Do not let Anxiety take Over

The Anxiety you feel can take over your life if you let it.A lot of people suffer from this issue-in silence, the more you speak about it the more your significant other will understand and will be on hand to help.  The easiest way To go forward is to address the issues and make a plan on how you both can deal with it.

If you don’t include your significant other, then they will feel excluded and unloved and you certainly don’t want that.

Every mind matters.

To sum it all up

The relationship you are in is very important if you both feel the same way. Always

communicate with each other. Do not bottle things up and let them fester.

You are very important to your partner and vice versa. Treat that person as they treat you.

Be loving giving and grateful, you will receive the same back in abundance.

Anxiety only controls you if you let it. if you cannot control it on your own then seek help from a professional.

I wish to thank you grately for reading this post, please leave a comment if it resonates with you,if you know a friend it could help then please feel free to share it.

Do you have a question, I would be very happy to answer it for you.

Keep well and safe


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