Heart Health Problems+(product Review)

Hello All, today we are going to be looking at Heart Health Problems we all understand just how important our heart is.

L Arginine Cardio Health Formula.

  • We will be looking at the signs of Heart Problems
  • Healthy Heart Tips
  • L Arginine Cardio Health Formula Review
  • What is L Arginine
  • The Benefits
  • Product Description
  • Pros and cons
  • My final thoughts

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Signs of Heart Problems

Tiredness and Fatigue a tired feeling all the time and difficulty with everyday activities, such as shopping, climbing stairs, carrying groceries or walking.

Shortness of Breath breathlessness during activity (most commonly), at rest, or while sleeping, which may come on suddenly and wake you up. You often have difficulty breathing while lying flat and may need to prop up the upper body and head on several pillows. You often complain of waking up tired or feeling anxious and restless.

Persistent Coughing that lasts a few weeks and produces white or pink blood-tinged mucus.

Confusion memory loss and feelings of disorientation. A family member maybe the first person to notice it.

Increased heart rate heart palpitations, which feel like your heart is racing or throbbing.

Edema is a build up of fluid swelling in the feet, ankles, legs or abdomen or weight gain. You may find that your shoes and clothes feel tight.

Lack of appetite or nausea the feeling of being constantly full or the reverse feeling sick to your stomach.

Healthy HeartTips

Eating a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids can also help ward off heart disease.

Laughing is recommended as it can lower stress hormones and decrease inflammation in your arteries.

Red Wine can help prevent blood clots from forming and artery damage.

Reducing Salt in your diet to half a teaspoon a day will help to cut the number of people who develop coronary heart disease.

Eating Dark chocolate not only tastes delicious and it happens to be my all time favorite, it also contains heart-healthy flavonoids. These compounds help reduce inflammation and lower your risk of heart disease, .

Eating a variety of Nuts, Almonds, walnuts, pecans, and any other tree nuts that deliver heart-healthy fats, protein, and fiber. Including them in your diet can help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. (only eat a small amount of nuts a day)

Stopping Smoking.

Making sure you eat Breakfast every day can help you maintain a healthy diet and weight, which puts less stress and strain on your heart.

Exercising regularly gives your heart a good workout and also helps to maintain a healthy weight.

L Arganine

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L Arginine Cardio Health Formula Review

L Arginine comes in three flavors, Grape, Raspberry and Lemon and Lime.

Rated 4 1/2 out of 5

Available from Amazon

How to take it : Mix 1 scoop in 4-8 oz of water. Stir to dissolve. For cold water, powder may take longer to dissolve. For best results, take a single scoop once a day between meals on an empty stomach.


What is L Arginine

L Arginine is found in red meat, eggs and fish and is produced naturally in the body.

It helps to build protein, as well as releasing nitric oxide in the blood.

Nitric oxide acts to widen blood vessels in the blood stream, which may help aid certain circulatory conditions.

A person’s body naturally produces L-arginine under normal circumstances. People also get additional L-arginine as part of their regular diet.

Red meats, fish, dairy, and eggs all contain low amounts of L-arginine that help the body to replenish its necessary resources.

Occasionally, a person’s need for L-arginine may exceed the body’s ability to produce or consume it naturally. This is often true for older adults or people with certain medical conditions.

In these cases, people may be prescribed artificial L-arginine in the form of oral medication. Several potential health conditions may benefit from an increased intake of L-arginine.


The Benefits

L-arginine has two effects: it turns into nitric oxide and helps the body build protein.

These effects give L-arginine an array of potential benefits that range from heart health and chest pain to helping to build muscles, repair wounds, and improve male fertility.

Here are some examples of researched benefits and uses of L-arginine:

Reducing High blood pressure

Treating Heart Disease

Controls blood sugar in people with Diabetes

Treating Erectile dysfunction


Product description

L-arginine Plus, Cardio Health Formula: Powder Supplement contains 5110mg L-arginine, 1010mg L-citrulline, as well as Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Xylitol, Red Wine Extract and 72 trace minerals per serving.

It also contains Astragin which sets our product aside from all the competition! AstraGin is a 100% All Natural ingredient blend of two highly fractionated plant extracts, Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranecous. This ingredient has been demonstrated to promote the absorption of amino acids up to 66%.

When manufacturing L-arginine Plus, the company uses only the very best ingredients available.

Furthermore, we test the quality and potency of every ingredient that enters our facility.


Made in the USA

Tastes great

Treats Heart Disease

Reduces High Blood pressure

Helps with Diabetes

Treats Erectile dysfunction

Comes in 3 fruity flavors, Raspberry, Grape and Lemon and Lime

Contains 72 trace Minerals

Contains Vitamins B6, B12, D3 and C.

Can be taken on an empty stomach.


Takes roughly 2 weeks to see the benefits



My Final thoughts

After doing extensive research and reading a ton of reviews the general consensus of opinion is this product works very well. Not only for Heart health but also research has shown it helps people with Diabetes, High Blood pressure and Erectile dysfunction.

It also helps with other health issues, but they have not been scientifically proven yet.

Before, taking a supplement of this kind always speak to your Doctor.

The product Can be very dangerous if you exceed the dosage.


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Take great care of yourself because you are worth it


This information is not intended to diagnose or treat you it’s for information purposes only.


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9 thoughts on “Heart Health Problems+(product Review)”

  1. Thank you for this detailed review. I have learned a lot from reading your post. I will be sharing this post with my friends. 

    I don’t have any heart health problems, but I wonder if it would still be beneficial to do the L’Arginine Cardio Health Formula? 

    I want to make sure that I can do everything I can to keep my body healthy and live a long life. 

  2. Heart Health Problems looks like a neat product. I have a family history of cardiovascular disease, so I’m always looking for products/solutions to fighting heart issues My late grandfather struggled with congenital heart failure during his last 10 years in life, so I’ve taken more precaution to learn more about heart problems.

    I like the pros of this product, such as reducing high blood pressure and erectile disfunction. Two weeks may take some time, but it’s worth the wait if the benefits really work.

    I see this product is available through Amazon. I didn’t see a link for it, can you provide one? I’d love to check it out.

    Thanks for a nice overview- I enjoyed reading it.

  3. Thank you Lisa for the great review of this product. I am a nurse, and have seen this prescribed for patients with not really knowing much about it. I knew it was natural in the body, but you have opened my eyes for the other good benefits related to the need for the chemical in our bodies.  

      You mention that it works for ED. I haven’t seen doctors offer this as a treatment. I am liking that if they can having something more natural than a medication with side effects would be healthier for their patients. I am going to guess that the reason is it will help with increased unrestricted blood flow. 

    The price is a little steep for most people to buy it, but I say if it works it is worth the investment to your health right.

    Thanks again for the review. I really enjoyed learning the benefits.


    • Hey Kevin,

      Thank you for the comments and yes it is because of increased blood flow.

      All natural ingredients are preferable to mass manufactured drugs.

  4. Hello Lisa,

    Most of the symptoms that you mention are related to type 2 diabetes, I know because I am a type 2 diabetic. I believe first and foremost that the greatest factor in your health is your diet, exercise, sleep, stress factors, medication and not smoking. However, adding vitamins, supplements and minerals are excellent for making up what you lack in your diet. 

    L Arginine will be helpful to people who are diabetic as well as those with heart problems.

    Thanks for the helpful information.


  5. Hello there, thank you so much for this very detailed and informative review in heart health problem product, this is a timely post for my as my grand mother has been developing the symptoms of heart problems you listed above  and already we’ve made arrangements for her to go see a doctor but however I’ll discuss this with the doctor to know if its safe for her to be using it along side her drugs.

  6. Wow! This is an amazing article that you have got here. I never knew that the body naturally produces L-arginine and that People can also get additional L-arginine as part of their regular diet. Thanks for sharing this with me. I enjoyed reading through  your hearty health tips. Ordinarily we will ignore these tricks/ tips to staying healthy and just base our hope on talking supplements.


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