Best Foods for a Healthy Body

Hello all, today we are going to discuss what are the best foods to eat for a healthy body.

You do not have to be on a diet to achieve the body you wish to have.

Eating the correct food in the right quantities will Achieve better results than a diet.

If, you take away all the things you love it just makes you want them more.


If, you want to cut out sugar in order to lose weight then fruit is a great substitute.

Berries are your best bet,

Strawberries are one of the tastiest fruits around. They are full of vitamin C and fiber.

Blueberry are an antioxidant which helps to cleanse the body.

Cherry s and Raspberry are also very good for you.

If, you are low on Potassium then a Banana is full of it.

Other fruits are very tasty but contain a high amount of natural sugars and best avoided if you want to lose weight.


Chicken breasts are full of protein, very low in fat and low in calories.can be eaten for lunch or dinner.

Lean minced beef is full of Iron As, well as protein.

Lamb is also a great choice as it is full of Omega 3 fatty acids, your body needs these to help your brain function.


Most diets will tell you to eat eggs, this is very good advice.

Eating an Omelette for breakfast is one of the best ways to start your day. It will make you feel fuller for longer As, well as tasting great.

Poached eggs are good if you can’t manage an omelette.


Carrots are full of vitamin k and carotene antioxidants.

Spinach is full of Iron which is something a lot of people lack.

Cucumber is made mainly of water but it also contains vitamin k As, well as being very low in calories and is my favorite.

Garlic is another favorite of mine not only does it taste good but it is also an effective antioxidant.

Bell Peppers come in a variety of different colors, they are very tasty and full of vitamin C and are very versatile.


Not only are they good for you but if you need a snack between meals they are ideal in moderation.

Almonds contain vitamin E, Magnesium and fiber and they help you to lose weight.

Walnuts are full of vitamins and fiber.

Coconut is another great source of fiber.

Seafood and fish

Tuna is a great source of protein it is very low in fat and low in calories. Makes a nice addition to a salad.

Salmon is an oily fish that contains vitamin D, Protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Great served on a bed of leek.

Shrimp are small shellfish that are high in vitamin B 12 and are low in calories and fat.

Sardines are an oily fish that are extremely tasty and very good for you. Awesome on their own.


Extra virgin olive oil is by far the best to add to a salad and can also be used for shallow frying.

Dark Chocolate

Believe it or not but dark chocolate is recommended for you to eat if you want to lose weight because it is an antioxidant and it is full of Magnesium, you can’t eat the whole bar but 2/3 pieces are all good.


Sweet potatoes are very high in healthy oxidants and are highly recommended if you want to eat less carbohydrates.

Normal Potatoes are very Starchy and can be eaten in moderation.

Peanuts high in protein and are not actually considered nuts.

Kidney beans are a high source of Fiber. Make sure you cook them thoroughly as they can be poisonous and cannot be eaten raw.

Lentils are high in fiber, they are great in a soup.


Full fat Milk contains less sugar than skimmed or semi skinned.and is actually better for you.

Cheese is very tasty and full of Calcium, one slice can equal a glass of milk.

Yogurt is a good source of brobiotic bacteria.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a great addition to your salad as a dressing with olive oil, it’s very tasty As, well as helping you to lose weight.

You can also add a little to the water you drink, don’t over do it as it has a very strong flavor.

If, you don’t like the vinegar you can get Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy’s they taste delicious.

Eat in Moderation

You can lose weight by eating a combination of all of these foods over the period of a week.

As long as you prepare the food properly and don’t add fancy sauces you can lose the pounds.

Make sure you don’t eat massive portions, eating little and often is highly recommended.

You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner As, well as two snacks every day.

One important thing to remember is to drink water every day. It helps you to feel full and your body needs it to work efficiently.

If plain water is a real turn off then add your favorite fruit to it, personally I add slices of lemon to mine.

In Conclusion

Did you ever think you could lose weight eating Dark Chocolate? I must admit it is my favorite chocolate and it’s very good for you.

I found when I wanted to lose weight I was actually eating more on a daily basis than I was used to.

Don’t cut out breakfast it is the most important meal of the day because it gets your metabolism started.

Doing a simple exercise routine also helps to keep your mind As, well as your body in shape.

You don’t need to go mad every day just be consistent. Walk for 20/30 minutes, or do some low impact aerobics.

The choice of exercise is down to you, what is your favorite let me know in the comments .

Thank you for reading this article, I hope you found it helpful, if you did then leave a comment below or a question, l will be very happy to get back to you.

Do you know anybody else who May finds this helpful, then please feel free to share it.

Take care and stay safe and well.


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  1. Woow, really great article. I learnt a lot. I didn’t know chicken breast is free of fat, Coconut is a good source of fiber and most shocking of all, dark chocolate to loose weight, woow. I knew dark chocolate is not bad but never thought it can make you loose weight. And i believe begin such a strong antioxidant, it must be great for the body in general.


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