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Lisa Harvey
This is me Lisa Harvey

Hello and welcome to Healthy mind healthy people.

Here you are going to learn many ways to keep your self healthy.

This is especially needed at this time in 2020.

We will have fun while we are learning.

About Me

My name is Lisa, I’m from the south of England. Portsmouth to be exact. I have suffered from a few health issues in my time on this earth, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis and Carpal tunnel. I have also had 75 % of my Thyroid surgically removed.

With this site I am going to help people who have suffered from any of the above conditions as well as lots of others by giving information, advice and possibly some solutions for you to try out, and to also share with you how I got through it all.

I have a husband, 4 Daughters who have all left home now, 3 live in Tenerife where we live and 1 has gone back to the Uk. We also have 3 grandchildren 2 girls and a boy. All 3 of them  live in Tenerife.

Helping others is very rewarding

The reason for helping others is this. Many of these conditions have had a huge impact on my life and also my family’s lives. The Thyroid problem was very debilitating, Always tired, no energy even after sleeping for 12 hours. Things have been very difficult and very pleasurable in equal measure for which I’m eternally grateful.

If you suffer from Depression you will learn a lot of things from this site. I have found lots of ways over the years to help when i’m feeling depressed. The most recent was to start this online blog.  It’s very therapeutic researching, writing and helping others at the same time.  If you want to learn how you can do this  to You can find out more at the bottom of this page.

Do you have a Thyroid condition? Mine was overactive which meant i went from a healthy weight to a dangerously low weight very rapidly. 75% of my thyroid was surgically removed in 2000, my sister-in-law hers is under active, which means she has gained a huge amount of weight. She is still fighting the effects everyday.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Back in 2009. In its worst form Fibromyalgia can be a very  debilitating condition, luckily mine is under control.

Sharing Information

Hopefully you will gain a lot of information from this site if you come back regularly. We will be discussing a lot of health issues, some from my perspective as a sufferer and others from experts. Help will be given in the articles that are written for your benefit.

My goal is to help others to cope with the conditions they suffer from and to advise on the best way forwards. That is not always from traditional medicine, there are natural remedies and supplements that work just as well and in certain circumstances they work better because there are fewer side effects.

If you ever need any help or advice or you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy  to get back to you.

Take great care of yourself because you are worth it.

All the best,



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